S/A Labs, LLC is developing transformative neutron detection systems.

Product Lines

S/A Labs, LLC is currently working on three major thrust areas, which span applications from national defense to flooring methods. The three separate thrusts are:

  1. Transformational Nuclear Particle & Material Sensor Systems for Industrial and Residential Uses (e.g., Radon/Radium monitoring in air/water systems; Nuclear Power Plant Operations; Combating Nuclear Terrorism; Safeguards/Safety; Education; Science & Engineering Studies)
    • Acoustic Tensioned Metastable Fluid Detectors
    • Centrifugally Tensioned Metastable Fluid Detectors

  2. Novel PLA-based Environmentally Friendly (VOC-free) Technologies and Products
    • Coatings (hardwood floors; metals; ceramics; alloys; etc.)
    • Adhesives (controlled curing/drying low-to-ultra high bonding strength for multipurpose applications ranging from residential to automotive to ceramics

  3. Nano-scale controlled cavitation methodology and apparatus for fluid bearing systems
    • Complete Prevention of cavitation nucleation for utilities in situations such as submarine camouflage to reduction of wear on propeller or moving structures in fluid environments.
    • Controlled induction of nucleation at predetermined times and locations.
    • Applications to naval, refrigeration, airborne, automotive, and industrial heat exchange-process systems